An essay on the human mind, body and species

I have been looking at a lot of my old writings and considering reblogging a lot of it. I also have some term papers from some university courses I did. Below is one I think is particularly good.

It is quite…

A Parable for Whistleblowers

Said the Traveller to the Trader as they marched into the main city of the state of Angeass; “Do you hear the crowd? We’re in time to see the alignment rituals starting.”

Said the Trader to the Traveler; “Yes, the whole city must be there. …

I have been doing a clearance of some old writings I have on my hard drive. I am putting some of it up on the net. This is something I did for a creative writing class when asked to write something about time travel. …

“In epidemiology, an infection is said to be endemic (from Greek ἐν en “in, within” and δῆμος demos “people”) in a population when that infection is constantly maintained at a baseline level in a geographic area without external inputs.”-Wikipedia

I am now up to covid notes number ten. These covid…

So they’ve torn down Egerton Ryerson’s statue and they’re going to rename Ryerson University, alias Ry High. The Star is even doing one of its Saturday debates on the subject. As usual, both sides are off base.

Here is the link for this “debate”.

“Take us to your ruler,” said the second legate to the first person they met upon coming ashore. The dirty and emaciated young woman, wearing only a ragged loincloth, her hair hacked short, stared torpidly at him then turned and pointed. The two legates and their party passed by her…

tim rourke

I am an aging useless eater originally from Alberta, Canada, living in Toronto. I have taken up writing and blogging because I have nothing better to do.

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